Loyalty|Love , a luxury streetwear brand founded locally in Portland, OR.  Established in 2020, by Xavier Dupree.

Loyalty|Love – "Being Locked in for a cause bigger than yourself and ultimately accomplishing that goal." 

   What is the Inspiration behind your designs? 

 We try to mix fashion and emotion with some of our clothing, wearing clothes that make individuals look and feel good about themselves.



Loyalty has been instilled in me since a young age. Growing up my family always preached unity and being solid "WE" over "ME mentality. Love is Love it speaks for itself but just loving your loved ones and yourself no matter the situation.

   What inspired me to start the brand Loyalty|Love?

I've always loved clothes, putting outfits together, & I'm a very simple guy with simple styles of fashion high end but also something most people can relate to. Everything I design is connected to me and my life. 


                                     “ Stay locked in with us and join the Movement”